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Unrecognized device

Just Moved In
My telus wifi connect gave me a notification of an unrecognized mobile apple device but I and my family were out of town. Is it possible for a device to be recognized without the wifi password or does my wifi connect app pick up on devices in my home without it. We took all apple devices with us, just worried someone might have my info

Friendly Neighbour

Same thing happened to me. I set the new router to have the same SSID/PW as the previous one. A former tenant came by to pick up some of her mail and her phone connected. Since the new router had never seen her phone before, it showed up as an unregistered device. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you are worried, change your Wi-Fi password.

Do you have a Guest Wi-Fi without password? Or friends you have shared a password with?

Finally, and this is complete surmise on my part, is devices have to connect to a Wi-Fi signal in order to do a password exchange, even if unsuccessful, which may be recorded by your device.


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