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Unfair Charges for Internet Plan Cancellation

Just Moved In

I am writing to share my recent frustrating experience with the cancellation process of my internet plan and seek advice or assistance from fellow forum members.

Due to English not being my native language, I encountered difficulties in communicating with the customer service representative. However, I believe it is their responsibility to provide the best possible solution to me, which unfortunately was not the case. Therefore, I feel compelled to address this matter here.

On March 12th, 2024, I contacted customer service to cancel my internet plan. However, shortly after the cancellation, I discovered an unexpected charge of $211.77 debited from my bank account. This has left me puzzled and dissatisfied with the service provided. During my conversation with the customer service representative, I specifically inquired about any additional charges associated with the cancellation. I was assured that there would be no further payments required, as my contract had already expired.

As my previous two-year contract had ended, I had been paying on a monthly basis at a rate of $84. Therefore, I expected to only pay the prorated amount of $84 for the current month upon cancellation. However, it seems that the representative opted for an immediate cancellation, resulting in the unjustified $211.77 charge.

I believe that as customers, we deserve transparent and fair treatment, especially when it comes to billing practices. It is disappointing to encounter such discrepancies and unexpected charges.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have! I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.