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Unable to contact Office VPN through ZTE modem


First off. This is my first post. Does anyone from Telus read these posts and care if things get resolved here?

I've got a business account with a paid static public IP address. Our public if address shows our ZTE modem has about 6 available TCP ports available. I've setup my OpenVPN software to use TCP 21 because we're not using it for anything else and UDP 1194 isn't open and I don't see anywhere to open it in the ZTE's modem config. I'm trying to forward to a Linksys router that terminates remote VPN clients but nobody can reach the router though the ZTE.

I've talked to Telus a few times. They say that the ZTE modem doesn't port forward but the modem allows me to configure it. Not sure why the modem successfully allows port forward configurations though... Has anyone successfully port forwarded ANYTHING through this modem?