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Transfer of ownership of Telus internet

Friendly Neighbour

Can I take ownership of someone else internet fixed term plan,


I saw Facebook marketplace ad for internet plan take over, as the person is moving out of the city they are offering this. As they have a promotion, I was interested and they asked me my name address and phone number which i shared.


Could i be in any trouble?



@codered  I am sure you cannot sell your service to someone. Take a chance it's only money. Polecat

Friendly Neighbour

you mean it is worth trying?


I dont have the other person's contact/address as yet and waiting for their reply. Could this be scam? Can they scam me with full name address and phone number?

@codered  I see a scam with capital letters. If you want the promo deal with telus properly. You can't buy someones internet account.

@codered  Do not try anything. You gave them name -address - phone number.  Check your bank accounts right away. And you don't even know their name WOW.

Friendly Neighbour
No activity on my bank account. Can they put my name address on their Telus bill? And I would be charged without my consent ?

@codered  You better get a hold of telus to answer that question.