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Telus Boost better than Google Nest Wifi?


I find that the fastest Mesh Network is the Telus Boost network, but only if you set it up properly.


Equipment needed:
1x Telus Wifi Hub Modem (Arcadyan, all white model)
3 x Telus Boost Mesh Points
3x MOCA 2.0 Converters (optional if you are using Cat/lan cable)


Make sure all the Telus Boost Mesh devices are hardwired, either CAT5e/6 or using MOCA 2.0 adapters. This only works with the NEW Telus Wi-fi hub gateway modem, not the OLD Actiontec T3200 modem which is not a Mesh Gateway.

Telus Wifi Hub supports Moca by directly plugging in the coax cable, use a proper Holland splitter for the coaxial cables on the modem end.


The new Telus Wifi Hub modem supports a mesh network and acts as the heart of your mesh network and you can use your existing Coaxial cable wires with MOCA 2.0 adapters to directly plug in your Telus Boost devices.


The result:
- Only 1 SSID with Band-Steering for the entire house. So only one wireless network even though you are using 4 devices.
- Excellent blanket coverage of your entire house at extremely high download and upload speeds.
- Each boost unit is 4x4 antenna

Everything works much better, faster and efficiently then my google mesh system did and I only have 1 SSID now and not two. I have heard bad things about Telus Boost from people using Actiontec modems and wirelessly pairing some of the Boosts to the network. If you get the new Telus Wifi Hub modem, it will create a true high speed mesh network. I was skeptical at first, but Telus even has a page where they state it is better then Google Nest Wifi, so far impressed, or any I missing the point on something?


Do you have gigabit internet? What speeds do you get on your mesh Wi-Fi with your setup?

I have the same setup and routinely hit gigabit speeds. I'm hardwired with CAT5e from my garage (where the Hub is) to my two boost units.

Yes I have Gigabit service.

Wired I get about 940 mb/s upload and download
Direct to hub Wi-Fi about 600 mb/s up and down
On Telus boost Wi-Fi (hardwired) I get 350 to 420 mb/s up and down

I have three hardwired boost running with the Telus Wi-Fi hub.


".. but only if you set it up properly"


That is generally true for just about everything. Unfortunately the converse is also true, nothing works well if you don't set it up properly. 😊