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Toronto Resident - Bell home wi-fi, Telus Boosters / Home Security

Just Moved In

Hi - A few questions:

1) I have 2 Telus Boosters augmenting my Bell internet in Toronto.

I see a TELUS WIFI address for the booster hard-wired / connected via ethernet cable to my Bell modem. Is there only 1 wifi address for both boosters?


2) I have two Telus security devices. How can I confirm both devices are connected to the Telus WIFI vs Bell Wifi?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, there is only one Wi-Fi SSID for both Boosters.


You can access the Boost Webmin page by entering the IP address assigned it by the Bell router into your browser, then using the admin credentials on each Boost Device. The Boost units usually report their name to the router as Boost 2.0 or similar.



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