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Telus "can't give you fibre as the signal is too low"??

Just Moved In

I am in Aspen Woods, Calgary. It is a house about 5 years old. 


The "fibre drop" (as in outside fibre cable) people tell me that fibre had been installed outside when it was built, as was the case for other houses in my small road. They drilled a hole in the side of my house and put the connection through. An engineer arrived to do the internal connection. He said that Head Office had forgotten to do something and left saying he'd be back the next day. He didn't return and I heard nothing. I chased today and I am told that the signal is too low to give me the fibre connection. 


This seems bizarre--has anybody else been told that? 



Hi Andrew, it can certainly be the case if the switch/hub is too far away. Sometimes other infrastructural limitations, such as limited number of ports, available bandwidth, etc can also impact availability.