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Telus no-showed twice in one week!

Just Moved In

I took time off work on two different days this week to meet a Telus service technician at my new home (at a scheduled time) to hook up my TV and Internet. In both cases, they did not show up. In both cases, they did not bother to call.


I now have a third appointment in three weeks time! (That's ok - I didn't want to watch the Canucks playoff games anyway.)


I have absolutely no confidence that Telus will show up later this month when I take another day off  work. And I have every expectation they will try to charge me for the services I am not getting over the next three weeks.


This company has the worst customer service I've ever seen. I don't even know why I bother to complain. They simply do not care.


Community Manager
Community Manager

We definitely do care. My apologies for this, and I very much appreciate your patience. Please do let me know right away if there are any issues with the next appointment!