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My Telus App suddenly stopped showing my wifi traffic and devices

Just Moved In


and just like that, my app stopped working. it was working just fine showing my NAH, and two boosters - and all the devices. I could enable and disable them with a tap. and I disabled 2!


Now, the app does show the devices or the wifi info. it says to reset the modem - which I have done several times.


My devices are 'disabled' from the wifi and I cannot use them anymore! AND I cannot re-enable them until my app starts to recognize my network!

Telus customer support, anyone, please help



Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you mean Telus Connect app? The features you describe are in that app. I have found that on occasion the app has 'issues'. Normally force closing the app or simply trying again later resolves the issue. I suspect an issue with something on Telus' end. Hopefully that's the case for you.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Just Moved In

I have the same problem, my devices are blocked and the Connect app cannot load my boosters, so I cannot start them!  This is very frustrating.