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Telus email blocking in line images


If an email is sent to my telus email address and contains an inline image - html markup containing an img src tag then the email is never received. 

It doesn't appear anywhere, if the telus spam filter is rejecting it then surely it should appear in my junk/spam folder or get returned as non delivered to sender?




To clarify: the img src tag calls an external web address - it is not a base 64 image....

Also I have tested this with several other email providers and the email is always delivered,

only telus fails to deliver it anywhere...... I would expect at least the spam/junk folder.


(There should be a way to edit posts to avoid having to reply to my own post!)


Have you been migrated to the new Google based email service? 


Have you checked to see if the email are appear 8n webmail?

No, I'm due to migrate on 11-3-21.

It's not consistent, sometimes an email will get through, sometimes not.

I'm using thunderbird and also webmail.

I'm going to wait until the migration is completed to see if that solves it.

My concern is if telus is flagging it as spam why isn't it going to my junk folder - nothing appears automatically in my junk folder unless I put it there.

OK found an interesting thread here: 

Basically I think the problem is Telus's spam filter is/was broken and moving to gmail should solve it. 

Gmail has the advantage that all email deemed as spam goes to the spam folder and is then automatically deleted after 30 days.

This means that if an email accidently ends up in spam you have the advantage of finding it there.

The current system of just instantly auto-deleting some emails according to some telus algorithm is incredibly bad.

I await the migration with interest!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Likely a server based filter (often updated multiple times a day) rejected the message. Unfortunately Telus is not great at sending non-delivery reports so no one gets notified.


We've recently been migrated to GMail and I'm actually seeing NDR messages now. Hopefully your issue will be resolved after the migration.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.