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Telus Wi-fi hub connections

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Hey all,


Here's my setup: I have the Telus Wi-Fi Hub with two boosters.  One in the basement and one upstairs.  We also have 4 Telus 4k boxes around the house.  Now many of these connections are routed through a 16 port gig switch in the basement but should I try to have the boosters plugged directly into the Hub (by-passing the switch) or does it matter?


If it does, then should I also try to manage my connections to have the cables boxes (or at least the PVR box) plugged into the Hub vs the switch?  My thought is that the 4k tv boxes and PVR can probably just go through the switch but any confirmation or advise is appreciated.




I noticed that the booster in the basement provided a weak connection to the PS5, even though they are within a foot of each other.  Maybe I just need to work on placement but if connection to hub is a factor I can re-jig things.


Community Power User
Community Power User

It should make no difference if you connect the TV through the switch or directly to the hub. 
You may get a better signal if you connect the Boost units to your wired network.


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