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Telus Wi-Fi B20T AP/Booster Guest Network


As part of new PureFibre residential service, I was given a Telus Wi-Fi Model B20T access point/"booster". On its System Information page it says it's a "Technicolor EWH1350TLU".

On its Wireless configuration page it shows a "Guest" network, which is disabled by default. I enabled it and Wi-Fi clients can connect as expected.

However, it is not behaving as I expect. As I understand it, a Guest network is supposed to allow traffic only to and from the public internet; clients on the Guest Wi-Fi should not be able to see or access any other hosts on the AP's IPv4 subnet (other than the upstream gateway). I'm finding clients on the Guest Wi-Fi can freely access other hosts on the same subnet. There does not appear to be any functional difference between the Primary/"Home" Wi-Fi and the "Guest" Wi-Fi.

Can anyone shed any light on this:

  • If you have the same model AP, can you confirm Guest Wi-Fi behaves the same way?
  • I can't see any way to manually update the firmware. My current version is 20.3.0336-4949020-20210614101049.13
  • Is there an obscure or hidden configuration setting somewhere which will make the Guest network work as I expect?
  • Does Telus offer any other "booster"/AP which provides a true Guest Wi-Fi experience? Note: the Actiontec WEB6000Q does not offer any "guest" mode at all
  • Any other suggestions appreciated

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Community Power User

Which router do you have? Can you set the guest network through that device?

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Upstream router is an Actiontec T3200M. Physically it's too far away from the B20T's clients to use its Wi-Fi.

Just for grins I did some more testing of the latter's "Guest" mode. My theory was maybe, in that mode, clients on that same AP are isolated from each other (if not from other hosts on the subnet). That's not the case:

  • AP clients can see each other
  • AP clients can see other hosts on the same subnet
  • Other hosts on the same subnet can see AP clients

So far I see no technical differences between "Guest" and non-guest modes on the B20T.

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Community Power User

If having a separate guest network is important for you, possibly setting up an independent mesh network is currently the best work around.

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Thanks again, I was thinking along those lines.


I have some experience with Ubiquiti Unifi, their APs offer what I would call "true" Guest mode. In a perfect world Telus would offer an AP with that, but it doesn't appear to be the case:


  • B20T is not true guest mode
  • Actiontec Web6000Q does not offer any guest mode
  • Wi-Fi Booster model DWS: unknown, unable to access/manage

Does anyone know if any Telus AP/"booster" can provide Unifi-style true guest Wi-Fi?