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Telus PureFibre


My building, has been waiting for PURE FIBRE for a LONG time!  I called Telus last JANUARY (2020), and they told me, that all of the "pre-in building installation" work has been completed!  Yet, when I call asking when they are going to do the in

building work, they do not have "a clue" about ANYTHING!!

Can anyone assist me, as to WHEN the installation will be completed??  We know that COVID-19 affects everything, but you would think, that when you call TELUS, they would know what the status would be?  Can I get a phone number to call?????

Thank you!  Stay safe!

1145 Burnaby Street, Vancouver






Community Power User
Community Power User

Has there building owner given permission for the in-building work to be done? This is often the roadblock for multifamily or condominium buildings.


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@ThePopper  As @NFtoBC  says the building owner has to ok it and probably pay for the upgrade.  And telus does not tell anyone about construction and future upgrades. Even the power company does not release dates of projects. Upgrading old underground and overhead areas is very expensive so requires a reasonable payback time.

Thank you for the info - I greatly appreciate it, Polecat!  I guess patience really is a virtue!

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support for all of us on The Forum!