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Telus PureFibre: Extremely variable upload speeds while download is consistent a (asymmetric)

Just Moved In

I recently moved into my a new place and was excited to have PureFibre available and installed.


While the download speeds are extremely consistent at 940 Mbps (testing through the Ookla speedtest app) my upload speeds fluctuate between 500 to 940 Mbps depending on when I test (going directly through the Telus Calgary server).


The light levels we tested through the fiber optic cable where well within range and confirmed by remote Telus tech.


Is this normal for upload speed to be so variable?



@Stoich wrote: Is this normal for upload speed to be so variable?


I believe additional information is required here to track this down for you… I can tell you that in the 2 years that I’ve has the service, my connections have never dropped below 920Mbps ever. So, consistency is indeed one of the attributes to the system.


My questions would start with do you have just the Telus hardware installed in the system. Or, are you utilizing a 3rd party router/firewall in the install?


Regardless, check to see what the DNS configuration currently is. Then perhaps change the setting to a global setting, for example, or, perhaps and see if the routing of the data stabilizes and improves. You can always look at these suggestions for alternate routes. Best Free & Public DNS Servers (Valid June 2022)



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