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Telus Blocking .ml domains

Just Moved In

I have a couple of domains ending in .ml that I've been using for the past year or so. Here are some examples:


I got these domains from Freenom, and they have worked perfectly ever since I had them.


Starting today, for some reason, I've found that all Telus networks block .ml domains. If you are using a Telus network right now (data, wifi, or ethernet), try to go to any one of these websites and you will see that they cannot be loaded. As soon as you are off of a Telus network, these websites work.

It is extremely bizarre that this is the case, and I definitely don't want to worry if whoever is viewing these sites uses a Telus network or not.

Can Telus do anything to fix this issue?

PS. I'm pretty sure it is the same for .cf domains as well.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I am on Telus fibre and all the sites loaded without issue. Are you on a home network, or a school managed network that provides you internet.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Freenom is a domain registrar very frequently associated with spam domains. It's not uncommon for their domains to be blocked by DNS servers. It's also possible Freenom updated something on their end and it's not propgating properly to the rest of the internet / DNS servers. 


Switching DNS settings on your devices will allow those sites to load but ultimately there will always be a chance they will be blocked by other DNS servers due to the spam magnet registrar, Freenom.

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