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Telll me about your experience with Telus Internet


My contract with Shaw is ending this fall and I am considering making a switch to Telus for Internet and TV.  Can any non-Telus employees give me your experience, good or bad?


I am intrigued with having symmetrical speeds and may consider the 1 gigabit service.  I'm currently using Shaw's 600 Service and it's been okay.  I do sometimes wish the uploads were a bit quicker, but I seldom upload content.  The only thing that will keep me at Shaw is a strong retention offer but I have seen some very competitive packages from Telus.


Thanks for any experiences you can share.


I called the shaw retention line last week. They couldn't offer close to their new customer deal. Rang back this week to cancel and they did it on the spot. Wonder if they'll call next week to get me back but it'll be to late then because I can get the Telus new customer deal instead.
I look forward to symmetrical speeds. Have had very inconsistent speed on shaw 300 in the last month

Helpful Neighbour
I’ve been with telus in two places for about 4 years. I was a former long time Shaw advocate and don’t recall exactly what pushed me away finally... but i have not regretted shifting my account over.

I only have their internet at my main place and internet and tv at the other. I can’t say I have had anything but minor technical problems and many of those were related to a dependence on Wi-Fi... which is tough to telus.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend telus.