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T3200M no Mac Address

So our internet went down this afternoon and still down.. tech support tried all the troubleshooting and couldn't fix it.. I noticed in the modem gui that the Mac Address shows as N/A.. the serial number is there but no Mac Address... I'm thinking this is the issue but any known fixes?


Are you sure it's not the other way around? Mine shows N/A for serial number and the MAC address has a value.


What does the Summary and WAN Connection Status show?


Internet Service Provider:Connected



Hmm.. can't seem to paste pics but nope.. mac address is n/a and serial number is present... WAN Connection Status has WAN type as DSL and Dynamic/Static as Dynamic but everything else there is N/A..

I don't think it's the modem now as it suddenly lost internet like 9 hrs ago... still down but I was able to try another t3200m and same issue no internet... and Telus couldn't even get anyone out here to have a look even though it's an emergency as my wife started a new job and she missed Parr of her shift today.. and she could lose her job if the internet isn't back up for her shift tomorrow..

Yes, it does look like the line might be down. Use this link and check your location to see if there is an outage.


Sorry to hear about the sitution with your wife's new job. Can you ask a neighbor for a favor and allow her to use their guest WiFi until it's fixed?

Unfortunately her work phone system uses a wired connection.. ah well it's just very stressful as there never seemed to have been any issues with Fibre here before.. hopefully a tech can come by first thing and able to fix it before she starts work.. guess we have to wait and see