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T3200 in bridged mode goes offline after an hour,,, reboot fixes it and then it goes offline again.

Helpful Neighbour

I have placed my T3200 fibre modem into bridged mode...

It works fine for about an hour and then goes offline,, requiring a reboot to get my connection back...

 any ideas ???


I have factory reset the mode many times,,, currently it is factory mode, with wifi disabled and in bridged mode...



Are you on DSL or FTTP?


If the latter you can use a switch between the ONT and the Actiontec and your Sonicwall and that should avoid any Actiontec related issues.

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what is breaking is the fact that I am getting a new ip address every few hours... 

Sonicwall 2400 does not like that,, needs reset everytime it changes...


Don't know if it's the bridged mode that's causing the frequent WAN ip change...


But right now I have a switch right after the nokia media convertor,,, and then from the switch to the T3200 & Sonicwall..

Sonicwall is picking up a WAN ip and optik TV is working...


fingers crossed (again)...


looks promising..  thx for the suggestion JTL


Just have all your TV boxes plugged into the T3200M. I also disabled the wireless on mine since I had another access point.

Helpful Neighbour

JTL,, does your WAN ip change every 30 minutes ???

I had some DHCP problems where once every few months the connection would drop until the DHCP lease was renewed. I'm using pfSense so I wrote  a modified DHCP configuration to renew the WAN DHCP lease every 15 minutes and I've had the same WAN IP since January.


FTTP in Vancouver.

Incidentally ... when I kept getting the continual IP renewals and droppages, out of frustration I reverted to disable port bridging (my theory being Telus/T3200M was messing with it) ... it worked completely fine for 48hrs with nary a hiccup, and I thought this confirmed my theory of (perhaps) Telus covertly or accidentally mucking with bridging ... so last night I re-reverted to enable port bridging (to again attempt to verify my hypothesis) ... well, 12hrs later, it hasn't hiccuped at all. In fact it didn't even hiccup at the time of adjustment, so now I'm at 72days and rock solid. ... 


So naturally, now I'm stumped ... I'll keep bridging enabled and see how it goes. Sadly, because the T3200M doesn't have accessible or useful logs, it's near impossible to diagnose ... I'm wondering if : as Telus does rotating release/renew, and  it throws it at an IP that doesn't provide sufficient response (ex: because my Nighthawk doesn't know the secret-handshake like the T3200M), then it just kinda glitches (in networking, crazier things have happened, so ... Smiley Indifferent )


UPDATE!! Welp, 2 hrs after I posted this, the T3200M hiccuped ... so that's less than 12hrs after I disabled port bridging , I've enabled it ... so let's see if it stays functional.

I think telus has the MAC address of the T3200 registered on their servers...


When I hook up my Sonicwall NSA2400 straight to the Nokia media convertor, I get a WAN IP,,, but it changes every 30 minutes ! The Sonicwall WAN port requires a release/renew for it to recognize the change.. (NFG)


So I tried to spoof the NSA2400 WAN Ports MAC address to the T3200's MAC address ,, VOILA !!!!

The thing was rock solid,, same WAN IP that the T3200 was using !!!


But eventually the T3200+optik TV broke...


Telus finally recognized that there were 2 devices with the same MAC getting 2 different ip addresses...


Only dicey thing about mimicking the MAC address is then there will be 2 devices registered with the same, that could more issues, or like you're seeing: T3200M goes wonky.


Definitely something on Telus' side to address : would be handy if they chimed in.

yes,, dicey is right,,, probably the first device that gets an IP will work.....


just got off the phone with telus,,, they cannot add a 2nd MAC address for me...

Something definitely funky due to port bridging, or at least the network functionality that bridging unveils ... Seems like with it enabled, when the lease comes up for renewal, things go haywire ... just did the experiment again: rock-solid for 2 days while bridging is disabled .. within 4 hrs of enabling it, everything goes bonkers 😞


C'mon @telus what say ye??

From a networking stand-point, that's odd it would work with a switch, and yet bridge mode over the T3200M causes major issues.

Points to the fact that Telus (or T3200M) is interfering with the traffic, or at least doing something that doesn't allow it to be a blind pass-through.

ugghh ,, with the switch it still changes ip after 30 minutes,, which glitches the sonicwall NSA2400,, requiring a release/renew...


now trying 2 ports from the switch into the NSA2400 (2 wan ip's being DHCP'd from telus into 2 ports into my 2400)..

configured to load balance between the 2,,,

not ideal... but if it works I'lll have to subscribe to dyndns.