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Shared credit applications for TELUS Home Services

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Question about home services and credit approval for a household.


To my knowledge, typically there is a primary account holder who registers all of the services for a particular home and then is issued billing. The billing is applied to the primary account holders payment information (let's say credit plan). This credit is validated before the contract is signed.


Is there an option at TELUS, for multiple individuals to be billed under the same plan? Further to that, when it comes to credit validation could the credit of all users be considered in the approval process? as opposed to just the primary account holder?


Reason I ask is that I recently vacated a home with a number of students, where each person did not meet the credit requirements of becoming a primary account holder. Even though there were 4 individuals who would share the plan (between them could more than afford a basic internet service at about $90/month) they could not be approved for a plan. To me this seems like a bit of a loophole and I'm particularly interested if TELUS currently has anything to accommodate these sorts of situations. It would seem prudent as, in this case, that is 4 subscribers up for grabs 🙂


Thanks in advance,





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Community Power User
Issue is that each resident individually is responsible for the behaviour of all four, and it becomes impossible to manage behaviours.
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Yeah, that's a fair point.