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Static ip6 addresses

Just Moved In

Why are static ip6 addresses not provided to residential customers? The entire POINT of ip6 is to be able to provide a unique address to every person and every device.


I understand the need to limit static ip addresses to business cases in the /4 space, but Telus's decision to do this in the /6 space is inexcusable.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Static IPv4 addresses are not available to residential customers either. I'm not aware of any provider offering static residential IPv6 addresses at present.

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All telus provides is a 56 bit prefix. The actual address is then generated by the local host. There are typically several IP6 addresses associated with a given host. The one usually shown to the external world changes periodically as a security feature. There is also frequently a more permanent address that can be given to external contacts. 


I do not believe that telus guarantees the prefix will not change but for the year plus I have had the service the prefix has not changed.