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Static Route Settings on Telus Mesh Hub

Just Moved In

Just got my T3200 replaced with the new Acadian Mesh Wifi Hub. Anyone know if there is a way to add static routes? I remember reading awhile back the T3200 had ways to access the hidden menu for additional advanced settings. I have a pretty complex network and need to add a static route to another subnet.


Just Moved In

Just to add some additional info, I know i can easily put the router into bridge mode and attach another router and setup static route, but i really want to leverage Telus’s my wifi app and control access via the app. I want to segregate all my IOT on the Telus, and keep all my server stuff on another subnet. Currently have a switch behind the ONT, 1 to Telus Router and other to my private server network which is behind a Sophos appliance, which also means i have 2 external IP’s.


I want to have a route between the 2 subnets for certain devices (which i can easily control access via firewall rule sets on sophos). Currently i have a route from my server network back to Telus IOT network, but problem is i cant set a static route from Telus IOT network back to server. Hoping someone has some knowledge on how to gain advanced settings access to the Acadian, even SSH would be great.

Friendly Neighbour

The WiFi (mesh for only Telus devices) hub initially held promise but when it came to programmable features the reality was that the menu features and locked gateway IP proved pretty inadequate for my network needs. If there’s a hidden menu set that allows a non-beginner to address regular programming, then I haven’t discovered it or heard about it. Sorry  I’m not offering much help with your question but I just wanted to let you know, I set the router aside (back in the box) after speaking with a Telus tech.