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Speeds through a Booster

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Have 1Gig internet , my question is about a booster , I have a booster hardwired from modem it runs to the other side of my house, was wondering what strength of signal should I get from a hardwired booster ? Speed Testing on a new iPad Pro 


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Possibly in the 400 Mpbs range, but likely slower. Wi-Fi is not going to be as fast as an Ethernet connection. See this link for more info.


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Ok I’m getting 500 -900 beside modem but using the same speed test getting 7- 40 in front of the hardwired booster , frustrating cause they bring up my Wi-Fi app that says 400 but all other tests say 10 and can hardly play online poker with out lagging lol just switched to Telus and was really hoping to finally have coverage throughout house , using the new cylinder type modem , not sure what to do besides another 2 hours on phone or another tech visit ....


The latest iPad Pro looks like it has this for WiFi:


802.11ax Wi-Fi 6; simultaneous dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)


This should give you up to 2G according to the link posted by @NFtoBC . It would seem that the limitation must be in the booster or router. You may want to look at the WiFi specifications for it.  


I have been fighting this issue with telus since I first signed up with telus. They have just told me that the 1g is only wired and that the router is only capable of 400 Mbps. Fraudulent advertising in my opinion!

I think the basic problem is that you have a high potential speed with PureFibre, but the signal is still sent through the fairly standard T3200 modem/router. The T3200M Manual suggests this is an 11ac wireless modem, but the specifications show a maximum of 11n. See page 64 in the manual. According to the table that @NFtoBC posted earlier, and shown below this is the limiting factor for wireless. It would seem that if one wanted faster wireless you would have to buy your own third party modem/router to get for example 802.11ax and a much higher wireless speed. With the standard T3200M modem the manual suggests a maximum of 300 Mbps, but this table indicates 100 Mbps. 





A lot of this also depends on the device you're on (due to the wifi modem that's actually in the device).  As an example my iPhone XS and iPad 6th Generation gets around 350 Mbps on the 5Ghz network when next to my T3200M but my dad's older Samsung tablet only gets about 200 Mbps.


On the Booster I get around 150 Mbps on my iPhone XS while his Huawei P10 Lite only gets about 80 Mbps.


Hope this helps!