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Someone else’s modem and network in My Wi-Fi app


Hi all,


We moved to a new house at the beginning of July. During the move, the technician had some issues and swapped our Actiontec T3200M for another, new one. Everything has been fine with the network itself. But then when I logged into the My Wi-Fi app, it reported that my network was offline. After a few days, I could see someone else’s network and devices, and the serial number shown for the modem was still our old modem which had obviously been repurposed and reset for another customer. Also, the My Telus web portal shows a generic error when I try to view my wifi info from there.


I’ve contacted Telus several times and they’ve involved their “backend” team. They first tried a factory reset on our new modem, which did nothing. They then rebuilt our Telus web account, which also did not fix it. After a couple of days, it mysteriously fixed itself and I could see our network, modem, and devices. That lasted about two days, and then it reverted to our old modem and I can again see the other customer’s network and devices. I could shutdown their network if I felt like it, so it’s a pretty big privacy breach in my opinion. For all I know someone else has access to our network through their app.


The Telus Support rep is saying that the next troubleshooting step would be to remove and re-add all of our services, but this would evidently delete all of our PVR recordings, which is a big deal for us.


To me, it sounds like a simple asset/inventory problem, where our old modem is still attached to our account in some way.


Has anyone ever heard of an issue like this?







Somebody did not assign the correct equipment to you and didn't remove your old equipment.  Probably you're going to have to let go of the PVR thing.  It will be more than enough trouble to find someone who can get their head around this relatively simple mistake, they are not going to be able to figure out a way to save the PVR recordings in my opinion.  Good luck.

Just Moved In
Yes as a matter of fact I'm going through that right now! Numerous phone calls and hours on the phone problem is not solved! Considering cancelling my service all together!

Just Moved In
Going through the same thing with the app. Can see the wifi name and password of someone else, including their Arlo security system. Hopefully the tech their sending on Thursday fixes this.