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Shaw now has a Wi-Fi 6 modem, Telus to follow soon?


Just went through the equipment on Shaw's website and I noticed they now have their new XB7 modem which has Wi-Fi capability and even has a 2.5 Gbps ethernet port. Considering that Telus currently offers a 1.5gbps plan that cant even reach full speed over Wi-Fi 5 (and im not even sure if the Wi-Fi hub even has Ethernet faster than 1gbps), is Telus going to be introducing a new Wi-Fi 6 hub soon? Or could the be waiting for Wi-Fi 6e to switch?


One thing I should also mention is that I recently received a free Telus Boost Wi-Fi starter pack rental after finding an offer on my Optik TV boxes. Does that potentially mean they are clearing out existing Boost Wi-Fi models for a newer model as well?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Likely, but remember GB+ speeds are meant to be shared across a number of devices, so even with a new Wi-Fi modem, you may bar dealing with multiple streams.


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Yeah, but do the ethernet ports on equipment such as the Nokia ONT, T3200M modem and new Wi-Hub even support 1.5gbps?

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Community Power User

My booster is connected to the MOCA port on the T3200M. The router reports a connection speed of 1340M to the booster. Unlikely to get those speeds but slightly higher than the ethernet ports at 1000M.


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