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Service down grade

Just Moved In
I'm moving into a new place, I contacted telus about moving service and received a call today about it. I was told that the service I currently have which is faster purefibre gigabit internet is not available where I'm moving to. I currently have 940 mbps upload and download speed 20+ devices and wifi 6, they are offering me internet 25 with a 25 mbps download speed 5 mbps upload speed and up to 3 connected devices. My gf works from home we have tvs, videos games, phones running on wifi and it won't be enough. If I don't take the option I will have to pay the rest of my service plan. I don't feel this is fair, my service plane is for the better service not the one they offer so how do I go about doing this?


Same thing happened to me, moved from a fibre area to a copper area. Unfortunately if you are in a contract you are stuck. I was lucky though to get a bonded copper line that gives me 100 down and about 35 up. If Shaw is available in you’re area you may be able to contact them and ask if they will buy out you’re contract.