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SMTP timed out

Friendly Neighbour

After much headache, I managed to get my telus email migrated to gmail and set up using pop3.  Been using it for a couple weeks now.  All of a sudden, it gives me one of two errors:


1) Server timed out (if I try port 465)

2) Keeps asking me for my password (port 587) but says it's not correct even though I can log into my gmail account (telus webmail) using that password.

I've found both those ports as options for pop setup on gmail.  I had 587 originally.


Is there some setting I'm missing?

I had had to change my password as I got confused as to which google account I was using.  This is using the Corporate Telus one, not my personal one.  I think that's correct?  I'm not even sure anymore which one I was supposed to be using.


I'm using Thunderbird email.


Friendly Neighbour

Oh and forgot to mention:  I have it on my android phone and can send emails just fine from there and the port shows as 465.  But that times out on Thunderbird.

Friendly Neighbour

Thought I would update.  It appears I had AUTH2 authentication in the pop section of Thunderbird and "Normal Password" in the other.  Once I put them both as AUTH2 it worked.  Geez.  I don't know why Thunderbird doesn't have a setting that says "use same login for smtp and pop" like other email clients do.