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No service for two days running

Just Moved In
I have recently moved my services to telus (last Saturday) but the service has been subpar and the customer service nonexistent. I was supposed to be on trial for the month, and despite my expressed wish to not cancel my other service until the end of the trial period, Telus decided to cancel it anyway on my behalf without my consent or knowledge. To make things worse, I've had no service (no phone, internet or TV) for the past 2 days. My attempts to talk to any customer support agent have been unsuccessful. Just all around great first week!


@Dissatisfied95  WE are customers only here. You will have to use the phone. Sorry we can't help you. Polecat

Yeah, I know. I'm only expressing my frustration. I finally got them on the phone and apparently there is some issue in the equipment they setup last week.