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Router cable

Just Moved In

We have a very short cable from the router to the wall. We have fibre optic. Can we buy a longer cable so that we can move the router and hide it in a shelf unit?



@Stephen100  I assume this is the cate 5 cable from the ONT to the router. You can any length- color  you want 5 -10 -25 feet or more. I got what i wanted at the $ store cheap.  Should read Cate5 on the cord. Some stores charge way to much shop around. If you are a heavy user watch the quality of the cable good better best. Do a google. 

Thanks very much for getting back to me. Went to Best Buy...they only had Cat 6 but I was told that this was fine also. Plugged it in and all is good. We can now store the router in our shelf unit and not have it sitting on the floor...a big improvement!

Thank you!


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