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Require wired connection in room

Just Moved In

The modem is in my room, the router is wired to the other side of the house upstairs.


What are my options here?


What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Are you in fibre?

Just Moved In

Yes, fibre. I have lights that require ethernet as well as need a stronger more consistent internet connection on my laptop that wiring in would likely fix. Wi-Fi does not reach the room all that often. There is no option for me to plug into the router so does Telus do any non-wifi routers for me to install?



-- Move the wireless router to the same room as the telus  modem.

--Invest in a mesh system where the main router is in the same room as you require a wired connection.  (Mesh system NOT extenders)

--As mentioned, run a second wire back to the room with the Modem (from the room with the router)

--As mentioned, run a powerline network back to the room where you need an ethernet connection. (YMMV)

-use two small switches which support VLAN to use your single network cable to have a path for modem to router as well as a path from router to your connection.


These solutions are of varying complexity.  I would go with the mesh system putting the router node by your modem and having the remote node perhaps where your router currently is (and linking them by hard wire)


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you truly need wired your options would be to run ethernet cable or use powerline adaptors.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.