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Actiontec T3200M LAN performance


I'm using our Gigabit Fibre connection for music jamming via the internet. Jamulus is a popular software applications for this. It uses a client-server architecture versus peer-to-peer systems such as SonoBus. If I run the Jamulus client along with a copy of the server on a Windows 10 or Mac machine the performance is very good as would be expected. Latency is 0 -1 ms, the audio is without artifacts. If I connect the client to a private server on the internet the performance is not quite as good. Latency to Seattle for example is 4 - 6 ms with periodic pops in the audio. However if I run a client and a server on different machines on the Actiontec's LAN, the performance is terrible. Why might this be?



I assume you are runnig over Ethernet and not WiFi. Have you verified that you have gigbit Ethernet connections on both your client and server machines?

Thanks for your question, xray. Yes, I'm using Ethernet; WiFi is turned off. Both NICs are gigabit. The upload and download values from confirm this.

Is your local client the only client connecting to the server or have you opened it up to other clients?

There may be an issue with the firewall/anti-virus on the server machine. When client is on the server it bypasses the firewall.

The server is private; not available to other clients. I have tested the setup with three different computers acting as the server and they all respond the same way to the client.


Is the client connecting to the servers local lan address or the public address.

Client is connecting to the server's local address: or such.