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Bridge mode? Pull Wifi network down to one RJ45 cable?

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I have a spare Actiontec Telus WiFi Modem - T3200M which you all know well (if you're able to help).



I need to use it to connect to an authenticated wifi network and pull down internet to 1 RJ45 network connection, to plug in an internet phone (connects with network cable) for an elderly person who can't use a computer anymore.


I have logged in to the T3200M while directly connected, gone to Advanced and enabled port bridging.  Then connected to the modem again via Wifi, as the direct-connect cable (port 1) didn't get me anything trying to connect to on the cable.


Now I'm stuck.  

How/where in the interface do I search for Wifi networks, and authenticate into the target wifi network, connecting this modem, and presumably, gaining a live network cable in port 1?


Am I mis-understanding the capability?

Can this be done?  I've poked through locked articles for info but am not finding what I need.


So, with full admin access to the 'bridge mode'-ed modem, here I'm stuck.


I'd prefer to do this with this hardware I have ( I think I'm just lacking setup smarts). Can you advise?


Alternatively, If there's a super-simple device I can grab off amazon that will do that please let me know. 

A decade or two ago NetGear had a superb little travel router that could do that in a heartbeat in either direction but it's long been unavailable.


I'd really like to get this hard-of-hearing elder connected to a network phone and get one of those loud assistive phones, as she just can't hear on a mobile anymore, even at FaceTime volume with an ear on the screen.



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The T3200M doesn't work that way. Bridging is simply allowing Port 1 to bypass the router part of the T3200M and pull an IP from the internet whether that's from DSL or from the WAN connection (ie. fibre). It is isolated from the existing network so won't work on Port 1 while bridged.


You need a specific device that is capable of acting as a wireless access point that can connect to an existing network. Some modern travel routers still have that capability. You can also find a bunch of wireless extenders that have that same ability. I have a smaller travel router and I find the wifi speed to be pretty low when I connect it to an existing wifi network. You'd probably want something with a stronger antenna / signal. Your mileage may vary depending on how far away it will be located from your existing router and the speeds and signal strength it's capable of.

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Would using a mesh device work? Many allow the connection of an ethernet device to the mesh, basically converting a Wi-Fi signal to ethernet. Powerline adapters may offer the same utility.

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My Mom was in nursing home. I live 23 km away. I simply plugged in an Echo Show I took from my own house on my own prime account  for her to use as a phone, using the seniors home guest account; but the caregiver gave me their account,  which would turn out to be more stable.  Put some numbers in your contacts so she can say "Call my Son, or /David/Dry Cleaners, or a voiced numerical phone number. 


One cud also use a cheap dot, or even a Flex, but I wanted her to have classical music and Prime Video on the stereo speaker.  Your friend could get a free Prime account and own it herself, but then she would need to register a smart phone which also runs the Alexa App.  BTW, there is also a simple cheap phone plan for seniors at Telus.


I've also given a show to a friend in Vancouver who didn't have TV, so he cud watch Prime Video. I'm north of him on the sunshine Coast. It works even if you're not on your home WiFi, just enter their WiFi details when you're there. Use your Alexa app on your phone to hook it up.  It doesn't know where in the world it is plugged in, it just works. Also, I cud 'drop in' to check, when she used to fall at home.I made a specific folder of selected Artwork to show on her screen.

You have to tell it not to play announcements on her specific device, but she could make an announcement to you if you wanted. You might desire to block the 'drop in' feature for privacy both ways.  You may need a Prime 'Family' music account if you both listen to music all the time.  I find often you can get two music steams if one person listens to music from a voice request, and the other person uses the Amazon Music app, but it sometimes it says "playing on another device."


Otherwise, look up "wifi voip phone". Telus routers require a wired connection to the telus house line. A classic yard-sale non-telus cheap wifi router like dLink set up as a wireless repeater might work, if it advertises that functionality but I haven't tried it. Repeaters, vs. extenders like mesh, behave slightly differently.  But they would both work for her, if they have a ethernet port - for plugging a device into.