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Replacing old home telephone wire?


I have VDSL internet on a 50 Mbps plan and I'm only getting 38 Mbps. After checking with my ISP and doing all the testing of my line and modem over the course of a week, I'm pretty convinced my slow speeds are due to my internal phone wiring. The house was built in the early 1980s. I use STP cat5e cable with RJ11 jacks from my modem to the wall outlet, a distance of about 30 feet. I tried moving my modem close to the wall outlet but it made no difference.


The phone line comes in through the laundry/boiler room. Then there is a bathroom, and the wall outlet is just on the outside of the far wall of the bathroom. From the demarc to the wall outlet is about 20 feet.  The phone wire is exposed in the ceiling in the laundry/boiler room, but is behind drywall in the bathroom. So the phone line is only covered up behind drywall for about 10 feet.


I would like to replace the phone line with a newer upgraded line between the demarc and the wall outlet.


My question is: does Telus do this kind of inside wiring?  And could they replace my line without removing the drywall?


@NFtoBC This is a duplex so somewhere there is an area where the wires in the box are sent to respective units.???? The box has being pried open to break a hole on the side for wires. So inside is a terminal block???? and what about the wires in the conduit where do they go???? do they do living room or kitchen???? Wire on the outside wall is not correct What mess and puzzle

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I’m guessing there are installations of phone, cable, and satellite at that utility box.


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@NFtoBC @Phil_Harmonic  The utility box should be tel only possible two tel wires down --connector block inside --with wires continuing down conduit and into house. Three other cables from hole in box through holes in wall. Several coax tied to conduit onto the ground ??? The box has been pried open now held shut with a screw on right side. The cable going in by dryer vent i think goes to little block inside. Whats in conduit i hidden inside a wall or something. possible block wire feeds living room or kitchen. Or kitchen from hidden block? Picture of top of tel entrance needed and open box screw out lid should fall off.

So I tested the little box marked 'phone', 'line' and 'modem' and it works. However, connecting my modem to it would not be feasible since I'd have to run long ethernet cables through the laundry/boiler room doorway, and down a hallway and into the living room where my desk and PC are.




I talked with my ISP again, and told them I had narrowed down the problem to an issue with the telephone line behind this wall jack (some kind of combination of coax cable and phone cable jack)  in the dining room:



The ISP said they could send out a tech to fix it, but it would cost $125./hr. I don't think the tech would be able to replace the telephone line anyway, as I previously mentioned, if the line is stapled to a stud, they wouldn't be able to pull it out without ripping out the dry wall.


This is the wall jack in the kitchen:




I managed to run the CAT5e cable from the kitchen wall outlet all the way around the living room to my desk (on the left) where my modem and PC are. But as you can see it means running it above the radiator. I think it will be okay though.


Since I am getting 44-45 Mbps (not ideal, but good enough), I've decided to live with it this way.


Thanks to everyone on this thread who helped me with this problem!  I may not have bothered to try and test the kitchen wall jack otherwise.

@Phil_Harmonic  Glad to see you found a work around that will work for you. That wall  just has cable and telephone in same box  (saves money on boxes and plates when building) they are seperate functions and not joined together. The actual tel jack could be in trouble =loose =broken= rusty= you could check it and replace it with a new jack and cover plate (push cable back into wall and leave it. Polecat

@Phil_Harmonic  Your speed 44/45 is close to your your  50 package offers you can't do much better. There are high usage times of day also. You could go the shaw cable route cost of install and package ??????


@Phil_Harmonic  May be a pain but it might show the tel jack you are using is defective. You have to rule out defective inside wiring. Your copper tel line comes from a junction cabinet 1-2- possible 3 blocks away. You say up down is ok at demarcation  point. I guess tel guy would not come into the house because of virus. correct He would have checked the terminal block.