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Replace Alcatel ONT & TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with




I would like to replace Telus hardware (ONT & Wi-Fi Hub as a router) with a single SFP-enabled device.

Generally because ONT takes almost ⅓ space in the switch box and because Wi-Fi Hub "canister" doesn't fit into a switch box. Since Wi-Fi Hub must be connected via wire and doesn't fix in the thin wall switch box it must be installed outside, in a cabinet which makes it impossible to use patch panel in the switch box for wired connections (I've sockets in each room).

I am looking at Mikrotik hEX S which seems to capable of handling 900Mbps or even up to 1.8Gbps. It has a SFP cage and my question is which technology TELUS uses for PureFiber. Should I look for GPON modules? Multi/single-mode? What are working wavelengths to look for? I couldn't find any technical details about PureFiber offering 😐

I know that Wi-Fi Hub has a SFP slot, so it can take SFP module directly without ONT. I'm wondering if it is possible to figure out which SFP modules TELUS uses, so I can purchase the same or at least with same parameters.


Thank you for any help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ajax 

If you didn't get help in the meantime, we recommend giving our technical support: 1-888-811-2323  a call, so they can further assist.

Tried this option, unfortunately. You can read more about my bad experience here.