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PureFibre Moving


Not the best time but I am looking at moving but need to know if Telus would still complete the relocation of the services. I live in an apartment building and Fibre connection would need to be moved at the connection panel to the new unit. Does anyone now if Telus is completing these sort of service request?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I don't believe Telus is doing physical installs currently. You should call them to confirm though.


Does the unit already have fibre pre-wired/installed?

Are you looking for the fibre to be moved from it enters the new unit now?

Is the panel you are referring to the one inside the unit itself?

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Telus is still doing installs, but staff do not enter private residences. If this install can be completed without entry to the apartment itself, it likely can be completed.


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Thanks @NFtoBC 

Thanks @Nighthawk , yes all units are already pre-wired and the Fibre tie-in point in the buildings maintenance room, outside of actual apartment units. I can get access to the room but if I recall from the install, the tie-in box is locked. I can relocate all the hardware no problem, its getting the fibre line activate that is the problem. 


I will be calling Telus to get more info, but thought i would reach out here as well to see if anyone has had to deal with a similar situation lately. 


@Saba  I had a friend  he had telus internet but no optik. Had some oddball tv box went offline with virus ???  Telus came with 2 receivers  one was pvr and he changed out router and hooked up receivers while the tech sat in truck and coached him by cell phone. It took a little less than 2 hours.

This was a house not apartment if you are in a apartment block i don't know how it can be done. Polecat