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PureFibre Install - bringing into house

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Hello, I’m trying to switch from Shaw to TELUS and hit a bit of a hurdle during the installation. I have a new house with a panel in the basement that houses all my telecom connections. The house is wired for Ethernet and I currently have a Shaw modem in one of the rooms on the main floor. From the modem I have a cat5 that goes into an eero mesh router which then goes into the Ethernet jack on the wall. From there it daisy chains to other eero mesh routers throughout the house so that they are all hardwired and flood my house with Wi-Fi. I don’t want to lose this setup so am overthinking every step of the install, which is making things worse given my limited knowledge of it.

Anyways, my main issue that I have to decide on is how to bring the fibre into the house. TELUS brought the cable to the exterior and the installer explained that I have two options:

1. Hire an electrician to snake the fibre cable into the house through the box. I guess the builder ran some cat5 cables from the panel in my basement to that same exterior box, so an electrician could pull it out with fibre attached to it on the other end? It seems too simple but maybe that’s all there is to it.

2. Run the fibre along the exterior of my house and punch it through a hole to the room where my modem is.

He said option 1 is better because it’s cleaner and having to run cable along the exterior isn’t ideal given it’s a new house. He was happy to go with option 2 if I agreed to it though and that seemed a lot easier. I was torn and couldn’t decide on the spot. Do most people just run the wire and punch a hole into their living room?

Complicating matters further is none of the TVs are located in the room where my modem is and my understanding is that one of them needs to be connected to the modem. After that, the TVs are spread out too far apart to be connected by wifi so I guess we would somehow have to use the existing coax outlets? Not sure how this would work, and if anyone can explain it I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

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Community Power User

The likelihood of successfully pulling the fibre on the existing Ethernet is slim, as it is likely stapled somewhere along its length. You can discuss with your electrician.


Your additional TV locations should be able to be connected by coax, if Ethernet is not available there. Can your mesh work over Wi-Fi? 

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@Wilbur80  Lot of questions about your blog. (In the telecom panel are all coax --ethernet cables --telephone cables terminated in the panel ) This would mean cat cables are single runs to each outlet. Daisy chain to me means outlet to outlet a run of 5 120v plugs on 1 breaker. Is there coax and ethernet in  all locations that require a tv. or hardwired computor.  Are you serviced ovedhead or UG. Cat to same exterior box is this a

telus or shaw demarcation point. The cat cables to exterior box probably for hooking up to shaw phone if it shows up. Each tv will require a receiver run by cat or coax  ( CHECK WITH TELUS ABOUT COAX AND OPTIK TV ) There are adapters  for coax to ethernet how well they work ???  It is hard  to comment how far is fibre outside box from panel are shaw and telus brought inside by couduit. I beleive the pvr for optik tv feeds the other optik receivers wirelessly from pvr receiver. You need a plug in for the ont near the panel where all termanations are.  I think an electrician is your best way to go. I am a 30 year power worker an able to wire most things but some of this new stuff need better explanations. Polecat


Spoke to an electrician and he agreed the cat5 cable is probably stapled somewhere along the way. He also asked me if they were inside conduit but I can’t access the box anymore without that special tool now that it’s closed to check. He felt it was best to have TELUS drill a hole to bring the fibre in. Maybe I have to ask another electrician, but it sounds like my options are limited.

Polecat, to answer some of your questions:

You’re right the routers are not exactly daisy chained. All cat5 jacks meet in the basement panel and run into network switches.

There is coax and Ethernet at all locations where I require a TV; however I want to use the Ethernet jacks for my routers. So I’m just left with the wifi option or coax for Optik TV. Not hopeful Wi-Fi will reach them all. When converting a coax for Optik TV is it just a matter of attaching something to the coax outlet?

Serviced overhead and cat 5 cables run to the TELUS box outside.


@Wilbur80   Is your basement panel have shaw cables in it and tel copper and the start of the cat runs to the outside telus box. And how far from where they go through the wall to the panel. Optik tv has wireless pvr and receivers that run on their wifi to run 4 tvs up to 60 meters away. google it you will find it Yes you can feed receivers with coax but with adapters Telus guy knows how to do that. Or use the cat cables and put wifi routers on far out outlets. It's hard to say how to do this i'd have to look at it. How to wires in hard places i know but not how to connect all the hardware.  My thinking you have to have the ont and battery backup near the down panel and feed the cat cables and  telephones wires and the coax if needed. Also use existing mesh setup if they will work with telus setup. When all walls and ceilings are finished it make thing difficult. I assume tel and shaw come down the outside wall then enter the house behind their demarcation boxes. Can you see where they come in on the inside. Polecat