Full speed from Wifi hub - 2/3 speed from Boost starter pack


I just switched to PureFibre 150 from Shaw a couple of weeks ago and have the wifi hub and Boost starter pack.


The wifi hub is in the back corner of my basement where my panel is, first boost is hardwired to the wifi hub via existing in wall ethernet cable so I've got that in the middle of the basement, second boost is on the floor above in the living room.


When I'm by the wifi hub I get consistent 150+ Mbps up and down. When I'm by the boost ap's I am at 90 Mbps up and down at best.


I know I should expect some drop in speed, but this seems excessive. 


Should I be getting 150 Mbps up and down from the boost?



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Community Power User

Every packet has to be received by the Boost device, and then re-transmitted; in each direction, as does distance from the hub.This slows the throughput. If you can run Ethernet and power to a more central location in your home, you will see higher throughput to your devices.

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Thanks for the reply.


Totally get that for the wireless Boost. For the wired Boost should I not be seeing speeds closer to what I'm getting from the wi-fi hub since I have it hardwired?


I've got ethernet run to the middle of the bottom floor which is where the wired Boost is. Wifi hub is in a separate room about 20 feet or so away.