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Paying bill through my bank

Just Moved In
Hi there,
I am trying to choose Telus as a payee for my Internet and home bill but don’t know which option to choose under the different Telus listings given by VanCity.
Does anyone know what it would be called?
Thank you

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Skyrose99 ,


To make bill payment for your TELUS Home Service bill using banking, you would select the payee name "TELUS Communications".


If you do not see this option listed, please share the different TELUS payee names given by VanCity so we can assist you with choosing the correct option 🙂


Additional useful information

Click Here to read the full article relating to paying your bills (all payment options), or reference to the snippet below for only online banking.


Online Banking

Log into your bank’s website or call their telebanking number.

  • The payee name for Home Solutions is TELUS Communications
  • The payee name for Mobility is TELUS Mobility.Mobilite


  • Please ensure you choose the payee that matches the type of bill you are trying to pay. Failure to do so could result in payment delays
  • You'll need your TELUS account number found on your bill or Client Service Agreement
  • If your bank states the account number is not long enough, please Live Chat, or Call TELUS customer support so they can add an extra digit to your account number.