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Password no longer accepted..can't change..

Just Moved In

In the last month, my password has been reset (not by me) at least 4 times.  I call in and reset it every time.  I am unable to log into telus webmail and my thunderbird as well.  I tried the mytelus password reset route and it still does not allow me to make a new password. .  Today, I have already wasted over 2 hours waiting for someone to fix this.  Why is this happening? 



Sounds like someone has hacked your account or thinks your account is theirs and is resetting the password.  I had this happen when I was with Shaw, someone kept giving out my email address as theirs and I kept getting emails to some guy in Calgary.  Phoned him about it and he just ignored me.  Finally quit when I started cancelling all of his reservations that he made for vacation and business.  Didn't reset my account password though.

Nothing suspicious has shown up in my email and telus said there was no suspicious activity on their end..