OpticTV and PureFibre cabling

Having 1 Gbps PureFibre and OpticTV installed in the upcoming weeks and have a few questions regarding the install.
Fibre line will come into my basement and will assume internet hardware (fibre line to router+wifi) will be installed there. I have coax lines and not cat5/6 cables to locations where I want OpticTV and internet connections. Preference is wired to these three locations so assuming we will go with Moca.

Is it as simple at adding a Moca adapter at each spot that has the OpticTV portal? (I.e can it share the same line?)
Do the OpticTV portals have switching capabilities for the internet on the device? (This would remove the need for the Moca adapter)
I will also need to extend the wireless signal on my 2nd floor to ensure proper coverage. Do the wireless extenders plug into OpticTV hardware or would it require the Moca adapter+switch.
Lastly, is there any hardware that is needed in advance of the install that isn’t covered by the install?
Thanks in advance.
Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus generally sets up the PVR as a wired device, and the rest as wireless.

None of the Optik boxes have an ethernet out. There is only a single ethernet connector on them.

The rest of your network is usually at your cost. Boost can be added, by purchasing the devices.


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