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Does the Telus 1.5 Gpbs Cylindrical Booster - boot LAN and Wifi




I just got upgraded to 1.5 Gpbs, and I have 2 problems. My setup is all with Cat 8 cabling


1. Internet    --->   PureFibre Modem/OBT      ---->    TPLink AX6000 Wifi Router         --->  My PC

                            1.5 Gpbs                                        2.5 Gpbs WAN Port                           

                                                                                   1.0 Gpbs LAN Port                             2.5 Gpbs LAN 

Max Download Speed  : 850 mbps


2. Internet    --->   PureFibre Modem/OBT ---->  Cylinder Telus Router   ---> TPLink AX6000 Router  ---> My PC

                            1.5 Gpbs                                  2.5 Gpbs WAN Port                  

                                                                             1.0 Gpbs LAN Port            2.5 Gpbs WAN Port            2.5 Gpbs LAN 

Max Download Speed  : 950 mbps <- 100 Mpbs with Booster


Question 1.  - Does the TELUS Router/Booster - boost the LAN speed (not just wifi) ?

Question 2 - Is the only reason I cant get more than 950 Mpbs on my PC with both of those above setups down to the fact that both the TP Link AX6000 LAN ports (not WAN) are not 2.5 Gbps when I only use that router, and the LAN port on the TELUS Cynlinder Router is also 1Gpbs ?

Question 3 - Is there a simple way to boost the speed to me PC on LAN - has anyone use Aggregation ? I presume if I want to use that on my PC I would need to add a second 1Gbps LAN port (as my PC on ly has 1 port 2.5 Gpbs).



Actually another question is when I do a speed test from the TP Link web admin portal - so connecting from Wifi Router to Modem with no TELUS router in between, I only get 900 Mpbs on the speed test. Surely this shouldd be more than 1Gpbs, as thats is he only connection on my network to the internet/WAN.


Is this true that this is the test (from the TPLInk Web Portal), that should show me I am really getting more than 1Gpbs ?

You need to buy two alienware laptops or your not going to get your full speed if you need to give me one thats just the way we get paid around here.  As well a tech was using my free laptop last time I never got my business internet and I want it back.  I know this is unrelated but Im the only one that cares about people and I dont even work there and can't help you.  


I actually resolved this, and now can get 950 Mbps on my PC without the Cylinder Router from TELUS.


I would still like to know how to get more than 1Gpbs on my PC through LAN, even internllay it doesnt seem possible with consumer grade tech, as  I can find 2.5 Gpbs WAN on a router, but there is no 2.5 Gpbs LAN.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Most consumer ethernet adapters and network switches top out at 1Gbps.


You may find this article useful:


Multi-Gig Ethernet: What is it, and how to set it up at home | TP-Link

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