Older version of Apple Mail (ver 11.5) and new Telus Gmail issues

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So I'm pretty choked about this move to Gmail Gsuite.

I have a 9 year old Macbook and running Mail version 11.5. After trying every suggestion that I could find on the Telus and Apple support pages, I still cannot get Mail to link in with the Telus Gmail. I get the "triangle with exclamation point" indicating that I am unable to correct to that server.

Yet I have no problem linking to a "regular" Gmail account to the Mail program - Gmail is an account I use solely for spammy emails from Facebook and non-essential groups (apparently I have over 1200 unread messages, so I had better clean that up!).

My Telus account is for my serious email, like bills and my volunteer work.

While I can check my email using a browser, I absolutely hate the layout and structure of Gmail and prefer using the desktop program that is installed on my device and has functioned perfectly well for 9 years. I prefer the versatility of my Mail program yet Telus seems to be forcing my hand to either use the browser version or (a much more expensive option) to upgrade my MacBook for the sake of having a more recent and hopefully compatible Mail program.

Any Apple users running older Mail out there who have figured out how to get around the "offline" issue and can help me out? Thanks!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @4streegrrl 


You can still use the older client, however, it will require a few steps to complete that. I should mention this method doesn't use modern security standards so you could be at risk with this method. We do recommend using the Web version or a modern client as this will protect you from hacking or phishing attempts.  As well, in 2021, support for Less Secure Applications will be ending and you will need to upgrade then or use the web version only.


If you are good with proceeding, and assume the risks, follow these next steps:


  1. Read the steps for Less Secure Application activation here
  2. Read the steps for enabling IMAP here (if you want POP instead they are here [I really don't recommend this approach])
  3. On your Mac, Open Apple Mail, and within the application, choose Preferences
  4. Click the @ Accounts option on the top bar
  5. Click the Server Settings tab
  6. Edit the Host Name fields to match the details on Step 2
  7. To edit the Incoming/Outgoing ports, UN-check "Automatically manage connection settings". The 'Port" field and 'Use 'TLS/SSL' checkbox then appear, which should be Checked