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Not allowed to see or pay my home internet account and bill

Just Moved In
For some reason neither the MyTelus App, nor Telus Connect will allow me to see my home internet account or pay my bill. It will only show me my mobility account. It suggests li king my two accounts, but when I try to link them it says they're already linked.

Community Power User
Community Power User

In the MyTelus App have you tried clicking on the three bars in the top left? You should be able to select your different accounts here if they are linked.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Naturally, I had already tried that.

Just Moved In
Hey have you found an answer to this problem? I'm having the same issue. Telus will email me the bill but I can't see or even edit my service because it doesn't show up. Though it says the account is linked.