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No service, no accountability

Just Moved In

I've been altogether without service to my Fibre connection (broken fibre) for two weeks, and experiencing spotty service since installation (April 2023). The first telus technician supposedly identified the problem, one he could not fix, and called the specific Fibre technicians on Tuesday; they came on Thursday, and identified a different problem that they were not able to fix. They left without providing me a date they would return to fix it. I called Telus costumer service who transferred me to IT, who called Dispatch, and told me my appointment would be next week.


I have now waited one week until the next Thursday, to receive no calls, meaning it does not seem like they will be here be Friday, in other words I will NOT actually have my problem fixed this week. I called Telus customer service again, was transferred to IT again, who called Dispatch, and told me there was actually NO appointment this week and it would be next week - no date, just "next week."


Which is what they told me last week. So, there has been no accountability, and no proactive communication. I had to call in to find out that I wasn't getting a repair this week at all despite having been told I was. Unacceptable. I will be complaining to CCTS and I expect to be allowed to cancel all my services without penalty. I work 100% from home and have been without an internet connection for a full two weeks, and without the full power of the connection I was paying for since installation (due to low-level light in the existing fibre before it completely stopped working and therefore a weaker connection than what I'm paying for). 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.