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No IPV6 in building from 2010 with Optik

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I've had a Telus home connection that came with my condo building circa 2010. I have ethernet-to-the-suite and I originally had the Actiontec T1200H (?). I've since been upgraded to the T3200M, mainly because it has good solid bridge mode support instead of a goofy 'unhide the checkbox with the browser' hack.


To that end I've been screwing around with my router on the bridge mode port to try to get IPv6 connectivity on and off for months, no luck. The Solicit never gets a response.


Today I decided to plug into the non-bridged ports on the T3200M and take a look around its user interface. IPv4 is working fine, but... on the Connection Status page, the "IPv6 WAN Status" says "Connecting" and everything else is basically N/A or defaults. I imagine that it's having the same issue as my bridged router - the solicit requests are not getting a response.


How do I get my EttS Optik connection set up with IPv6? Is it even possible or do I have to wait out the hardware dying in my building and them finally upgrading it?


(This isn't the first issue with this connection - despite the service being extremely reliable, they also aren't able to get me upgraded past the Internet 50 package, despite the 980 mbit fibre being available a block north of me in houses from the 1950s.)


Telus’s IPv6 is not yet reliable everywhere. I’ve been contacting them for two years on and off to get it fixed but it doesn’t seem to be a high priority item for them. Their mobile network still doesn’t support it. My recommendation would be to just disable ipv6 and wait until it’s actually necessary.