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New PureFibre Customer - Plex is not working properly

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So just got PureFibre installed and my plex server was functioning perfectly fine on Shaw. While plex works fine on LAN, when i, or any other users, try to use it outside my network, It is always an indirect connection. I have UPnP enabled and the proper ports are open when i look at the router. The plex server bounces between remote access being successful to unsuccessful - back and forth. However, i cannot successfully direct play a video even if I access the server during it saying remote access is working fine. I even tried turning off UPnP and port forwarding without success



Now here's the crazier thing, when i attempt to access my friend's plex server, i also get an indirect connection - his server is working fine however. When i turn off my wifi and use my 5g LTE to access his server, it connects fine and is direct play. 


What could be causing my PureFibre to make plex not work? If it was just my server that's indirect I could maybe say it was a port or windows or something... but to not work when using someone else's plex server is really odd!


I turned the firewall to "low" without change.


This is such a weird problem




We have DSL 150 and my Plex works fine except remotely on the chromecast

Oh I have no doubts that plex will work, as my friends plex server is running off telus too but seems like something is blocking it on my end

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you haven't seen this it may be of help:


Troubleshooting Remote Access | Plex Support