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My Actiontec T3200M is acting strangely with my Xbox One

Everything was running great, until the last firmware update. I'm on a dedicated, wired connection between the modem and the Xbox. I have the 25Mbps plan, and that's what the Xbox was showing in speedtests, and downloads.

Something happened with the last firmware, and I had to reset the modem using the button at the back. Now on my Xbox, I'm getting download speeds of only 1.5-2Mbps. I have an open NAT, plugged into the same port, nothing has changed, except speed.

Any suggestions?

Nope, not DLNA. New gateway. Problem solved.

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I set up my kids xbox1 long ago so I hope I got all the steps right but I haven't heard him complain about lag or anything. He is hardwired in through a Netgear R6300 slave router connected to a T3200M telus router.

I assigned a IP to the XBox and all the other devices we use in the house. Should be able to do that in "Advanced Setup" DHCP Reservation using MAC addresses. Did a lot of IP assigning in the netgear router before we had the T3200 so the previously assigned IP's just transferred to the T3200. I never liked having devices use random IP's and changing, causes too much confusion when there is a dozen plus devices in use.

-In "Firewall" .

    -firewall-- set the security to Nat Only

    -IPV6 Firewall-- make sure xbox traffic out is checked

    - Port forwarding-- forward the same ports as in the IPV6 firewall using the XBox Mac address

    -Applications-- Select Device---xbox with already assigned IP

                        -- Application category select xboxone to forward

I also disabled the "smartsteering" in the Wireless Setup.

If your using a ethernet switch then be sure its a gigabit switch and not a megabit switch, the megabit will bottleneck your line if your using a 150+meg connection



I'm trying to use the Actiontec, and not have to buy a slave router. I looked through your steps, and the one that jumped out at me was static DHCP. I found that setting in the Actiontec, so we'll see in three or cour days. Then I'll report back.

You don't need a slave router. The t3200 is in the living room so it handy for me to have a one wire running downstairs too another router(my old router when just the modem was used) rather than using a ethernet switch or have several wires running through the wall. I assigned all the devices with IP's back when I assigned QOS levels before I got the 150/150 and just habit to assign any new device a IP.

Well, what I meant by slave router, is having another router sitting next to the Actiontec.  I'd also have to buy that router, and I'd rather not lay any cash into this.  So the DHCP settings didn't work, so now I set the Actiontec to static DNS, now that the Xbox is keeping a static IP.  That's another thread for another time.  Hopefully, a static DNS does the trick.


EDIT- So far, so good.  It usually would have kicked us off by now.  But setting a static DNS in the Actiontec seems to have done it.

Okay, it's been a while, and anyone searching the interwebs may need this info, or anyone searching here.  I believe I have found the problem with the Xbox One S, X or any variant not staying connected to the internet.  Turn on DLNA.  That's it.  No magic settings or anything, you don't have to program the router with DHCP or DNS controls, just turn on DLNA.  It's located in the "Advanced Menu", at the bottom of the list.  Hope that helps.

Nope, not DLNA. New gateway. Problem solved.

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