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Moving Services assistance

Just Moved In

I'm moving my internet services to a new home at the end of this month. How do I know whether previous occupants have left equipment if in fact they are/were with Telus? I need to know for purposes of booking a technician or not. I can install myself if equipment is there. Is there a way for Telus to confirm for me?


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Telus modem  and other equipment such as the wifi router ....and including the copper and fibre cable connection  has to be installed by the technician of the internet service provider company (ISP) or carrier.

The modem has to be approved by the internet service provider or carrier.

Some homes have two different internet service providers or carrier connection 

1) you can use one internet service provider or carrier 

2) you can use both internet service providers or carriers to connect to the internet.

It will also have a sticker labeled on the modem showing the internet service provider or carrier.

I hope  that helps, I hope i was able to helped solve your concerns or questions.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You can always give our team a shout at 1-888-811-2323 so they can look into the address and see if the previous occupant had our services. If you're comfortable with sharing it here, I'll send you a private message and get the address to look for you.