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Moca Adapter Coax Wiring




I recently purchased a pair of Moca Adapters. (Actiontec ECB6200)


I made a connection to my 3200M, that line then connects to a splitter with 4 lines.


2 of the lines, were installed during my house construction and they both work fine.


2 of the lines were installed by Bell, they run outside and are dropped into my utility room.  I can't get either of these lines to work with the Moca Adapters.   I have tried using a coupler and connecting directly, but still nothing.


Anyone have any ideas that I could try, before I run out and by new coax cable?






Do a basic continuity check on each coax run. Make sure nothing is connected to either end of the coax being tested. Short out one end of the coax by bridging the centre wire with the shielding (threaded nut).  Go to the other end and do a continuity check with a multi-meter between the centre wire and the shielding (threaded nut).


Be sure to remove the short when you are done.


Do you know if the splitter works with moca adapters?

The splitter has 4 total outs, two Lines working and other two are not.

Been years since I looked at how my old Bell Sat was installed.


Figured it out, the 2 lines in my basement were were directly connected to the LNB on the Dish. I removed them and connected them to the lines that were running into the outlets outside my house.  Working very well now.