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Migration to Third Party Router - will this approach work?

Helpful Neighbour

Hey Everyone,


I’m planning to change over to a third party router. I just want to confirm my understanding is correct.


Currently running on a T3200 with Booster APs.


Ideally I would like to avoid an internet outage while I get the new router and hardware configured.


Obviously I first need to set the T3200 into port 1 bridge mode.


When I do that I think my old booster network (connected to port 2-4) should keep running as normal temporarily.


I should then be able to take my time configuring the new hardware until I am ready to turn off the old boosters and move everything to the new hardware.


In the future if I need to access the T3200 for any reason I should just be able to direct connect to port 2-4.


Is this actually correct?





@Fuzzz Migration to Third Party Router - will this approach work?


That should work for you, with a caveat.


For the life of me I can't remember if on the T3200M specifically you will still have access to ports 2-4 when that modem is in bridge mode. It's been so very long since I had one installed here.


I know on the newer models of modems this is possible (NH20A etc.).


This sounds like a late night experiment to see what may happen to me... Cheers


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