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Migration Issues


Has abtbody else experienced this problem?

When I proceeded to activate my account (I already had a Google account) I was presented with the signon which contained a Telus email ending in, but I had indicated on the request to use one of my other aliases ending in  I entered my password and was presented with the Google  Choose an Account and I checked Personal Google Account.


I then received an error message: Your account has changed.  The address is no longer available because an organization has reserved this.  The same error message was received when I attempted to use my email endding in

Anybody have a solution?




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P.S. I resolved the problem by using my ipad   Maybe because I had used the ipad when I registered for the migration????  Anyway, I am able now to access my email.


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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi, That message you described is similar to the messages used when the address was used on Google for another service in the past. There is a help page about but I think you have already done the Migration Day steps, and I would suggest reading the section on "Steps to continue using your previously created Google account". 


Hope this helps resolve the issue.